VOS PHBA World Individual Goes of a Class 2016

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VOS PHBA World Individual Goes of a Class 2016
MP4 Video PHBA  2016 World Individual Goes of a Class
You must include the BACK NUMBER and the CLASS name and number (NOT the "show Bill number") from the show list. If you do not have the back number please include the HORSE name. Place the order and if we cannot find it we will refund money for that video.
If this is a halter or rail class you will get the entire class.

If you want to purchase more then one class on one order you will need to fill out this order for each, save to basket and then complete and pay for the order.
You will enter this information in the "write a note" area in the check out section.
The videos are MP4 video files and are from the judge review camera and are raw non edited.
If we can not fulfill any portion we will refund that amount of the order.
We will send you a USB Drive with videos on it via US Mail ($10 shipping per order, not per file).

http://www.palominohba.com/show-info/world-show/previous-world-show-results/2016-world-show-results/ to help you find class and back numbers


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